On Returning and Continuing On: The End of My Fulbright-National Geographic Grant

Me in a field in Tecámac, at the edge of the city’s urban area. Or, Things to Come.

I’m writing this from a cafe in San Francisco, sipping on a coffee that I bought for the price of a nice breakfast in Mexico. I ordered the drink in English, a language which at least 75% of the people I’ve overheard talking on the street seem to speak. I can make convincing small talk with strangers. The city is bursting with immigrants, from 49 other states and countless nations. I feel tall, but not so tall that I’m sure people are staring at me.

This is all to say that I’m back in the U.S. As of Sunday, the 21st, my Fulbright – National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship has come to an end. This is the sad news, at least for me, and perhaps, hopefully, for any of you who have been following along with my Instagram and this blog.

The good news is that my work, both in and on Mexico City is not yet finished. Well maybe that’s not “good” news, exactly: it means there’s lots of editing, writing and thinking to be done, but it also means that, after soaking up some of the comforts of my country, I’ll have some more time—a few more months—to continue working and living there. I’m immensely excited to shoot some of the few places I feel are important to capture to give a sense of the overall scope of suburban sprawl in the city, and that have so far evaded me. And I can’t think of a better place within which to immerse myself in order to edit the project’s 11,000 (and counting) photos, hours of videos and so far innumerable vague ideas.

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