On the Stubborn Persistence, and the True Underlying Causes, of Vax-O-Noia

As attention fades from the Disneyland measles outbreak and the hue and cry about parents who don’t vaccinate their kids dies down, it will be interesting to see how much impact this outbreak will have on vaccination rates. If previous episodes are any guide, a safe prediction is very little.

There will be some change, of course, at least in some areas, for a little while. More states will join the few that had already begun making it harder for parents to opt out of mandatory school vaccination requirements for their kids. (California is proposing eliminating parental choice altogether.) For a time it will be politically easier for governments to change the rules and limit personal choice.

The social stigmatization of the few parents who don’t vaccinate their kids at all (accounting for fewer than 1 percent of American children), and of the wider group of parents who pick and choose which vaccines their kids get and when, rather than follow the medically tested and recommended schedule (accounting for up to 6 to 7 percent of American children), will persist. Sadly, the un- or undervaccinated children will be treated like little lepers too.

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