Oracle Visits AKTF’s Build-A-Boma Project in Maasai Mara


The sun had risen less than an hour before, yet Anne and the rest of us at the Anne K. Taylor Fund were gathered on an earthen airstrip at the edge of Maasai Mara National Reserve. Our Anti-Poaching Team leaned coolly against their truck, its green paint matching their olive fatigues. I and the rest of the Fortified Boma Team fidgeted with our phones and to-do lists, making sure everything was going to be ready for our guests.

“Can you see them?” Anne asked into my double-checking, handing me a pair of binoculars. I thought at first she was referring to the airplane we were expecting, but she was pointing instead at the shade of a tree about 200 meters away.

I played with the focus for a few seconds and then saw what she was talking about. Lions, and not just a hunting party either. I saw two big males, one with an enormous dark mane, and cubs rolling around with each other, all in addition to the requisite lionesses.

“I counted fourteen,” Anne said, sounding pleased as I returned her scopes. “We’ll stop by so the guests can see them before heading out.”

“The Guests” were sixteen —> Read More Here


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