Our Experts Answer Your Big Cat Week Questions

(Photo by Michael Nichols/NG Creative)
It might not seem like it to human eyes, but the look that lioness is giving her mate is about the pinnacle of romance for these wild felines. (Photo by Michael Nichols/NG Creative)

How long do big cat couples stay together?

How often does a tiger need to make a kill?

Do cheetahs race each other for fun?

While many people are exposed to images and basic facts of lions, tigers, leopards, and other big cats at a very early age, that’s often where our education about these charismatic carnivores ends.

Starting Friday, November 28, 2014, though, Big Cat Week returns to Nat Geo Wild, presenting 7 days of back-to-back big cat programs, including classic films and cutting-edge new productions.

Then, on December 3 at 1pm ET, National Geographic brings together some of our top researchers and filmmakers for a conversation with you about big cats and their place in the world today.

Meet the Guests

Joining us will be Boone Smith, host of “Secret Life of Predators” and this year’s “Man vs. Lion,” where he’ll take cover among wild lions as they feed, for a firsthand, up-close view of one of nature’s most intense events.

A Bengal tiger takes —> Read More Here


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