Our Work Saving Africa’s Most Endangered Parrot

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Please watch this 7-minute documentary on the Cape Parrot Project produced for global distribution by German television. How can we imagine a world without magnificent creatures like South Africa’s Cape parrot? Are we doing enough to protect our natural heritage? What can each of us do to turn this around? Why are we in this situation?

A recent study by WWF determined that the population sizes of over 3500 vertebrate species—mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish—have declined by over 50% just in the last 40 years. Tragically and irreversibly, wildlife populations around the world have declined by more than half in less than two generations. Our daily lives are filled with the chaos of modern life and we do not have time or energy to even think about everything in the natural world that we are just about to lose. Everyday we see stories in the news about dehorned rhinos, more dead elephants, beached whales, canned lions, disappearing species, and collapsing ecosystems.

Life is hard and there are enough problems at work, in our family life, with relatives and friends, and almost everywhere we look. Most of us would starve to death if we refused to eat food that was not a —> Read More Here


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