Painkiller Abuse Is Down, But People May Be Turning To Something Even Worse

By Gene Emery
(Reuters Health) – Abuse of opiate-based prescription painkillers such as oxycodone and morphine peaked around 2010-2011 and now may be on the decline in the United States, according to an analysis of databases designed to track illicit use of the drugs.
New laws, programs and policies, such as prescription tracking systems and the reformulation of oxycodone to make it harder to abuse, may be combining to reverse the once-growing trend, researchers said.
“I think we’re at an inflection point and we’re starting to turn this steamship around,” said Dr. G. Caleb Alexander, co-director of the Johns Hopkins’ Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness, who was not involved in the research.
But he noted that there might be reason for concern because the results also suggest that —> Read More Here


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