Passwords Are Terrible — And These Companies Want To Kill Them

Imagine sitting down in front of your computer or grabbing your smartphone and being able to seamlessly log in to every account you need. Maybe your device recognizes your fingerprint, your eyes or your heartbeat. It just knows it’s you, and not an impostor.

That’s the password-free future that many tech companies envision. It just may take them a while to get there.

Passwords have long been the gold standard in online and device security, and we’ve been using them for as long as we’ve had to log in to computers and accounts.

The trouble is, passwords are horrible. Many people don’t use them properly. While security experts recommend using a strong, unique password for every service, most users don’t do that, leaving them vulnerable to hacking. And many of us regularly forget our passwords and have to reset them frequently.

But take heart: The race to kill the dreaded password is on. Tech giants are battling to replace it with biometric technology — using your face, eyes, fingerprint or heartbeat to identify you — which could mean more security and convenience for consumers.

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