Photographer Snaps Dramatic Photo Of Shark Birth, Almost Throws It Away

shark birth

Biologists are buzzing about a dramatic new photo showing what’s being called “the first record of a thresher shark giving birth.”

Published online Dec. 23, 2014 in the scientific journal Coral Reefs, the remarkable photo was taken by Australia-based photographer Attila Bicskos while diving in the Philippines. It shows the body of a baby shark just as it starts to emerge from its mother’s body–and the photo was almost discarded before anyone knew what it showed.

“That picture ended up in my trash folder because it appeared to have a ‘blob’ on it which I thought was a jellyfish,” Bicskos told The Huffington Post in an email. “As it was I didn’t have a good profile shot so I revisited my trash folder and looked more closely at what I had. Even after I had stared at it for some time I couldn’t reconcile it was a birth, I guess it was just too far-fetched for that.”

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The photo of the shark, with red arrow indicating the emerging pup.

The shark was swimming at a marine “cleaning station,” where wild sharks congregate to let smaller fish remove parasites and dead tissue from their bodies.

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