Pictures: Hippo Struggles to Escape Ocean Surf

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Residents of Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique were shocked to find a hippopotamus apparently struggling in the ocean surf in front of the beach town a few days ago. The giant mammal, which can weigh two or three tons, is certainly no stranger to water, living much of its life in Africa’s rivers and lakes. But while hippos have been known to stray into the sea in Gabon, it’s a very rare occurrence in southern Africa, and I have certainly never heard of a sighting such as this before.

Dolphin researcher Angie Gullan was out early in the morning, working on a documentary about dolphins, when she spotted the hippo in the waves struggling to keep his strength in the surging currents.

“It looked like a young male hippo,” said Angie in an email. “Perhaps he was kicked out of his family group by a more dominant male within the Kosi Bay Reserve of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park World Heritage Site in neighboring South Africa, and then strayed into the sea.”

Photo by Angie Gullan, Dolphin Encounters and Research Center

Normally a freshwater animal, the hippo seemed to be battling in the salty shore break, and for two hours —> Read More Here


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