Pictures: Look Closer at Some Falkland Mosses

Now get outside, find some moss, and take a good close look. You might find yourself smiling just as much as Paulo. (Photo by Andrew Howley)

Paulo loves mosses. He notices them everywhere. He thinks about them all the time. If you ask about them, he beams.

I get the distinct impression that the worst afterlife he could imagine would be to come back as a rolling stone.

This week though, he’s in seventh heaven. Professor Paulo Câmara of the University of Brasilia has been collecting mosses in the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) as part of the pan-American Falklands Islands Science Symposium lead by the UK Science and Innovation Network and his collection is growing steadily in size and fame.

“Paulo,” I say one day after the meetings are over. “You must tell me about the mosses.”

Before I know it, we’re outside, on the ground, picking up a sample of a spiky little mosses and peering at them through Paolo’s hand lens to try to discern tell-tale structures on each one. Unless you observe them on their own small scale, trying to identify mosses is going to be like trying to identify tree species from the window of a trans-continental flight.

We move on to the hotel, where he’s stashed all his samples in neatly labeled paper bags that are cataloged in a spiral notebook he takes on each —> Read More Here


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