Police In Toronto Unearth Mysterious Underground Tunnel

By Alastair Sharp
TORONTO, Feb 24 (Reuters) – A mysterious tunnel discovered in Toronto near one of the venues for this summer’s Pan American Games contained a rosary with a crucifix and poppy, and there is nothing to suggest the tunnel was linked to criminal activity, police said on Tuesday.
The hand-dug tunnel, which ran for about 10 meters (33 feet) and was large enough for an adult to stand in, was discovered Jan. 14 in a wooded area near Rexall Center, a tennis stadium at York University that will be used for the Pan Am games in July.
Reinforced with wooden walls and ceiling supports, the tunnel had electricity supplied by a generator, a sump pump to remove water and a pulley system to remove dirt. Toronto police said it likely took more than one person to build. —> Read More Here


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