Postpartum Depression Can Start As Soon As You’re Pregnant

Having a new baby is supposed to be a joyful experience — but for many women, it comes with some significant mental health challenges.

While up to 70 percent of women report some experience of “baby blues” after giving birth, postpartum depression affects roughly 16 percent of new mothers.

But there is a wide variety in how women experience postpartum depression. New University of North Carolina research breaks down postpartum depression into three distinct subtypes.

According to the study, some women experience the onset of depressive symptoms during pregnancy, which can result in a greater risk of developing the most severe type of postpartum depression.

Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody of UNC’s Perinatal Psychiatry Program said that it’s important that doctors be aware of the various ways that postpartum depression presents itself.

“A thorough assessment of a women’s history is necessary to guide appropriate clinical and treatment decisions,” Meltzer-Brody said in a statement. “We now understand that postpartum depression can have onset of symptoms that may begin in pregnancy. Improved understanding of the differences in clinical presentation of postpartum depression impacts the implementation and interpretation of screening, diagnosis, treatment, and research of perinatal —> Read More Here


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