Prairie Exploration Play-by-Play

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Gregg Treinish and his team at Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation bring us stories from around the world about adventuring with purpose.

What’s it like living out on the prairie, tracking wildlife and helping to discover the workings of the land as wild nature is given a chance to reclaim some territory? See for yourself, as ecologist and educator, Caroline Hedin, takes you through a day in the life of an Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation volunteer at the American Prairie Reserve.

By Caroline Hedin

0600: The alarm rings. It’s still dark. Snooze.

0605: More tolerant of early mornings, teammate Ryan and I stumble into the kitchen to prepare a group breakfast. The house is sleepy and quiet.

0700: Aromas of coffee and French toast waft down the hall, drawing the crew to the table. Soft light glows from the horizon. Another day begins on the American Prairie Reserve.

0735: We divide in to teams, with two pairs walking separate 10-mile wildlife transects and the remaining two stationed in our trusty Toyota Sequoia as base camp. GPS devices, binoculars, radios, and tablets are tucked into packs. Mud scraped off boots. Gators snugged.

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