Printing Pet Prosthetics: The Story of TurboRoo

Mark Deadrick (photo courtesy of Purina)

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At the Purina Better With Pets summit, host John Hockenberry introduced speaker Mark Deadrick as a “rocket scientist.” Mark says he’s actually more of a “rocket surgeon” whose San Diego-based company, 3dyn, uses 3D printers to make parts for aerospace companies. Because of his skill with 3D printers and a tiny Chihuahua named TurboRoo, he found himself rocketing to viral Internet fame this past summer.

Mark Deadrick (photo courtesy of Purina)

To lay the background for this unlikely trajectory, Mark explained that he had been into engineering from childhood. “My dad is a retired electrical engineer who worked for the National Lab in Livermore, California, and my mom emigrated from Germany with a strong technical background,” he said. “There were lots of projects with Legos and tinker toys.” They even had a home computer in the mid 1970s, a rarity then, though it was basically “just a big box that didn’t do a whole lot.”

This led to Mark becoming a mechanical engineer who worked in the automotive industry. He developed a specialization in 3D printing solutions, which in turn led to his being intrigued when he saw —> Read More Here


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