Professor Says Elf On The Shelf Is Preparing Your Child To Live In A Dystopian Police State

Philosopher and cultural theorist Michel Foucault warned of a future in which society is under constant surveillance. Using the “panopticon” — a model prison surveillance system designed by 18th century political philosopher Jeremy Bentham — as a symbol of modern societies in which surveillance is used as a form of disciplinary control.

That future may be here, in the form of a sprightly little elf telling children that they better not pout and they better not cry, because Santa is coming to town — and his little helpers are always watching.

The Elf on the Shelf doll, based on the popular Elf on the Shelf children’s book, has become a full-blown cultural phenomenon in recent years, and Dr. Laura Pinto, a professor of digital education at the University of Ontario Institute Of Technology, for one, is concerned.

The doll is used in the home and in schools — perched in a different location each day — to encourage children to be on their best behavior so that they make it onto Santa’s “nice” list. As the story goes, the elf has been sent from Santa (“the boss”) as a special scout to help create his naughty and nice —> Read More Here


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