Psychotherapy Works, But Not For Everyone

Treatments that work well for most don’t work well for all. And even effective treatments have side effects and complications. This is true of medication and surgery- and it is also true of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is a proven effective treatment and should be the first choice for mild to moderate psychiatric symptoms. Far too often people take unnecessary psychiatric medication for problems that would get better on their own or with psychotherapy.

But sometimes psychotherapy creates its own set of problems. Like any effective treatment, it must be implemented well and applied judiciously for proper indications.

Jorgen Flor is a student in psychology doing his masters at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, on the topic of negative outcomes in psychotherapy.

Mr Flor writes: “First, do not harm. This is the famous Hippocratic oath well known in the world of medicine. In the world of psychotherapy, however, harms have not been subject to much interest.

Since Sigmund Freud and Joseph Breuer discovered that talking to people could cure bodily illness, researchers have asked questions about the effective components of psychotherapy. Is it the specific techniques? The healing powers of the therapist? The general effects of being understood, validated and listened to? All-important questions, but —> Read More Here


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