Purina ONE’s 28-Day Challenge: Residents in One Small City See a Big Difference

Dog owners gathered in Asheville's Pack Square Park to sign up for the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge.

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Asheville, North Carolina is widely known as one of the most dog-friendly places in America. Dogs have become part of the fabric that makes up the community. Walk down the charming streets downtown and you’ll notice water bowls, specialty pet businesses, dog-friendly bars and cafes, and, most importantly, dogs. Lots of them.

Dog owners gathered in Asheville’s Pack Square Park to sign up for the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge.

“It’s wonderful,” said Duncan Cecil, 23, an art student. “I’d never experienced it before I moved here in 2012. People will…go inside the bank with their dogs. They will sit down and have lunch with their dogs, and everyone is super cool with it.”

We saw an opportunity to make Asheville an even better place for dogs. By taking the 28-Day Challenge, people in Asheville could discover firsthand how the exceptional nutrition in Purina ONE can make a positive, lasting difference for their pets. (What better place to prove the power of great dog nutrition than a town devoted to its dogs?)

Duncan Cecil enjoys skateboard rides around Asheville with his dog, Bella.

We provided 300 Asheville residents with Purina ONE dry dog food for the 28-Day Challenge. We took photos along the way and watched the changes unfold right in front of us. From bright eyes to shiny coats, Ashevillians saw their dogs exhibit differences both subtle and dramatic.