Q&A With the World’s “Coolest” Wildlife Photographer

Paul Nicklen
In a world with virtually no humans, Paul has been able to get closer than ever to wildlife. (Photo by Paul Nicklen)

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen has spent his life capturing images of wild creatures in the world’s coldest places.

From the spirit bear in British Columbia to Arctic penguins, polar bears, and walruses, Nicklen has photographed it all. He has a commitment to seeking out the wilderness spirit and finding a way to connect National Geographic’s readers to nature through his photos.

Nicklen recently answered questions during a live chat on National Geographic’s Facebook page about photography, frozen expeditions, and conservation. Here are some of his wildest answers.

Q: When you are photographing bears, in particular the spirit bear, how did you go about locating them? Put in other words, how do you find the bears?

Paul Nicklen: I often work with local guides who know the areas well. Then, I am willing to sit in one spot for weeks and months on end, waiting for that rare moment to materialize. Patience is the most powerful quality in being a wildlife photographer.

Q: Did you ever miss a shot? And do you regret it?

PN: Good question. I miss all of the time. —> Read More Here


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