R4WO Invited To The United Nations To Discuss Marine Plastic Pollution


The R4WO had a lot on its plate in the Big Apple in order to keep on passing the message about the urgency to act for our oceans, among others several events aiming at the headquarters of the United Nations (UN).

Open forum at the UN about Marine Litter. © Peter Charaf / Race for Water 2015
Trash in the Bermudas. © Peter Charaf / Race for Water 2015

Litter is found in all the world’s oceans and seas and concerns are growing about impacts of marine litter on ecosystem health, biodiversity and human health. For this reason, it is gaining increased attention from international organizations, as Franklin Servan-Schreiber, strategic advisor of the Race for Water foundation, stated:

It has only been a short decade since captain Charles Moore made us aware of the plastic pollution devastation in the North Pacific, followed by some ever more upsetting discoveries made by a number of environmental organizations and universities. This awareness led to the development in 2011 of the Honolulu Strategy to combat marine litter under the auspices of NOAA and UNEP, followed by the creation in 2012 of the Global Partnership on Marine Debris comprising more than 60 countries to date.”

© Peter Charaf / Race for Water 2015

As a proof of this growing interest, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) organized two events about marine litter in honor of the R4WO. First, Marco Simeoni had the opportunity to take part in a high-level luncheon with country representatives, including discussions. As part of this meeting, he could exchange with mission representatives and with experts in marine litter. Then, the R4WO was the guest of a plenary session on the “Global Partnership on Marine Litter” (GPML), organized by UNEP at the —> Read More