Race for Water Odyssey – The Countdown Begins


Less than one month from the big launch, the R4WO teams are putting the final touches on the expedition’s preparations. Technical details are adjusted, and bonds between team members grow stronger through training sessions in Lorient (France). Everything falls into place under optimal conditions before the trip to Bordeaux, R4WO’s first stop.

Final Tests: a Complete and High-Performing Scientific Protocol

© Race for Water 2015 / Peter Charaf

R4WO aims to conduct the first assessment of plastic pollution in the oceans. To do this, the teams will travel to affected islands and deploy a standardized scientific protocol. This protocol, which is based on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s approach, has two components: treating micro-debris and macro-debris. On February 9th, our teams tested this protocol on a beach in Saint-Sulpice, on the banks of Lake Geneva.

During this day of tests, the R4WO team received advanced training on specialized handling of plastics. First, Professor Luiz Felippe de Alencastro (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) demonstrated procedures for collecting micro-debris through chemical extraction. These techniques make it possible to separate plastic flakes from sand and water, with simple and effective equipment. Then, the SenseFly team —> Read More Here


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