Redefining What It Means to Be a Latina in Tech


I work in the heart of San Francisco in an open office with incredible engineers and talented designers. When you walk through our front door, the first thing you’ll see is a big bright yellow painted wall. My desk is perfectly centered in the middle of the room, lightly covered in sticky notes with brand reminders, and displaying the latest issue of Bitch or Ms. magazines. While I was (and will always be) an East Coast queer feminist, advocate and organizer, I’m also now part of the three percent of Latinxs in the tech sector. This is an ongoing journal of my experience.

Before my 18th birthday, I was told I wouldn’t graduate from high school or go to college and that my dreams for a successful future were far from my reality. As a young woman, I was navigating through a complex and negative environment that cheered for my failure. Yet I realized that I had to make a decision: Let those around me dictate my future or redefine it for myself. I chose the latter.

But what does being a queer Latina with a tough teenage life have anything to do with tech? Everything. Our mere presence is an act of revolution. So when I landed on this new path, I made a promise to never close a door behind me; that any obstacle I removed from my path would never be thrown onto someone else’s. As someone who struggled a lot, I knew that my journey didn’t have to be as hard as it was. And now that I find myself in the tech industry where young women of color are rare, I wonder how I can make the journey less difficult for others.

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