Reflecting on the Voyage: Around The Capes

Photo: On New Year's Eve, clouds reflected pink on the calm Atlantic.
On New Year’s Eve, clouds reflected pink on the calm Atlantic.

Somewhere between Madagascar and Mozambique, Peace Boat volunteer interpreter Moe Sasaki lost her shadow. For a few hours around midday the Ocean Dream passed directly under the December sun and it was as if Sasaki’s shadow had unstitched itself and run ahead to the continent of Africa on which she grew up.

A month later, volunteer English teacher Montse Perez-Gonzalez stood on deck watching the moon flicker in and out of view. After having lived in Viet Nam for a year, and before that the United States, she had come home to Latin America. “I could connect with people immediately, not just because we share the same language but because we share the same cultural background. I had forgotten how that felt,” said Perez-Gonzalez.

Hundreds of jishu kikaku, or self-organized events, packed the onboard space as Peace Boat rounded the two Capes. In one, volunteer English teacher Alda Lizzi led passengers on a tri-lingual hunt for Carmen Sandiego, in another complex diagrams filled a projector screen as yoga instructor Iwayama Jin explained regression hypnosis.

The ship’s newspaper announced a different gathering everyday: Sendai residents gather! Lovers of 1980s cartoons gather! Antisocial people —> Read More Here


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