Remarkable, Rare Photographic Moments With Amazing Ocean Animals

Photograph copyright Chris Fallows/

For more than 20 years now, we have spent well in excess of 3,000 days at sea, most of them in the company of great whites and other shark species. During all this time we were also had the great fortune to have experienced many spectacular encounters with various forms of marine mega fauna, the large charismatic ocean animals everyone loves to see. Our interactions with these creatures have been a privilege, and by spending protracted periods of time with them we have often seen unique behavior, and on occasion behavior rarely reported.

There are few places you can go today that truly make you feel what it must been like in the early days adventure and exploration. One activity that does still give you this feeling, however, is when you head into the open ocean far from shore, diving into a realm of our planet where very few people have gone.

The creatures of this inky blue environment for the most part have never glimpsed a human, so they are either very shy or very curious when they make their first encounter. Of course, as professional underwater photographers we always hope for curiosity and the close and intimate inspections are the encounters that give us our most enduring memories.

Old Man of the Sea

Photograph copyright Chris Fallows/

An encounter that in a very weird way linked our human world with that of the ocean in the most bizarre fashion was when we came across a sunfish (Mola mola) that had all the facial attributes of our own kind. It is not that rare to see sunfish, but to see one that looked so much like a giant swimming face of the “Old Man of the Sea” was quite remarkable. This strangely shaped fish, which incidentally is the worlds largest —> Read More