Report from Fort McMurray, the Heart of Canada’s Oil Sands Development

7am bus ride up from Edmonton to Fort McMurray with students from the University of Alberta's Oil Sands Student Delegation
On a bus from Edmonton to Fort McMurray with students from the University of Alberta’s Oil Sands Student Delegation

EDMONTON – It is 7 a.m. and I am on bus with a group of sleepy students from the University of Alberta on our way up to Fort McMurray, the heart of oil sands extraction in Alberta, a western province of Canada.

Soft conversations drift across the bus. It is still dark outside and many of the students are asleep. It’s a five-hour ride up to Fort McMurray and we have a packed two-day schedule ahead of us. The tour, planned by , a student organization at the University of Alberta called the Oil Sands Student Delegation, is fully booked, and I’ve managed to get a spot thanks to a late cancellation.

The undergraduate and graduate students on the trip are a diverse group. There are many mechanical and chemical engineering majors, many of whom will likely work in the industry, maybe even in Fort McMurray. But there are also students studying linguistics, business, law, art education, environmental education who are simply interested in learning more about the largest industry and economic driver in their province.

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