Researcher Describes Greenland Shark Discovery

Photo courtesy of Lucie McNeil

By Alan Turchik

Suddenly something crossed my screen that was different. I saw the camera shake. My eyes widened, as I sat up in my chair, hair standing up on the back of my neck in anticipation. I had been sitting there for hours watching the screen. Then it came into frame. A shark. A ghostly white shark. It was a Greenland shark, an incredible find for where we were in the Arctic.

It was August 2013. I was on an expedition with Pristine Seas, and we were exploring Franz Josef Land – an icy archipelago far to the north of Russia, nearly a thousand miles from our port of departure in Murmansk. This area is a stepping stone, a last bit of land, used by explorers around the turn of last century in their quest to journey to one of the last unexplored regions on Earth: the frigid North Pole.

The seas, land, and sky were all grey. The depths below didn’t promise much more of a view at first. (Photo courtesy of Lucie McNeil)

It was a difficult mission and we faced extreme conditions. The water was freezing, and the divers on our team had the real danger of frostbite and —> Read More Here


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