Revolutionary Science that Changed the World

Ernest Lawrence

Every new scientific discovery and invention has the potential to change the world and how we operate within it. But one in particular changed the way science itself carries out its research and does its business. The cyclotron was that invention and the man behind it was Ernest Lawrence.

It would transform everything about how science was conducted, in ways that still matter today.

Michael HiltzikBig Science

The cyclotron that Ernest built could fit in the palm of your hand.

However, the cyclotron we are now most familiar with, The Large Hadron Collider is contained in a circular tunnel 17 miles in circumference, spanning the boarders of two countries.

two countries

Yet, it basically does what Lawrence’s cyclotron did and that is to focus on the infinitesimally small particles that reside inside the atom.

I find that having the largest scientific creation on earth, to attempt to discover the smallest particle in the universe, a very unique dichotomy. The particle that the Hadron Collider was designed to discover is known as the Higgs-Boson particle. But, just on the car ride to work today, I found out that they now think there may be even smaller particles to search for and that finding them could just lead to even smaller ones.


Michael Hiltzik, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist of the L.A. Times, tells the story of how scientific research was transformed because of Lawrence’s invention and the results that sprang out of this revolutionary new way of doing science.

No longer was it the tinkering of one or two people in a laboratory, it now requires huge sums of money, hundreds of scientists, engineers, doctors and virtually every discipline from math to physics to architecture.

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