Richard Dawkins Accuses Ahmed Mohamed Of Committing ‘Fraud’

Richard Dawkins’ dubious Twitter form underwent a further mutation on Sunday, with the author claiming Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old Texas teenager arrested last week on suspicion of building a bomb, was guilty of “fraud.”

The 74-year-old evolutionary biologist and noted atheist sent out a slew of tweets over the weekend chastising the ninth-grader for not even building a clock. Some observers have dissected the photo police handed out of the device Mohamed built, claiming he just shuffled around clock parts inside a pencil case.

Dawkins opened with these on Sunday morning:

If this is true, what was his motive? Whether or not he wanted the police to arrest him, they shouldn’t have done so

— Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) September 20, 2015

. @smenor @MhaskarChief He didn’t only claim to have built it. He claimed, on Youtube, that it was his INVENTION.

— Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) September 20, 2015

Rebuttals followed:

@RichardDawkins @smenor @MhaskarChief
What has this got to do with evolutionary biology or atheism? Why are you so annoyed about this kid?

— Gut ohne Gott (@I_Love_Atheism) September 20, 2015

.@RichardDawkins Richard, you’re missing the point a little here.

— Bang the Bore (@bangthebore) September 20, 2015

@RichardDawkins the key words in all of this are ‘kid’ and ‘handcuffs’ throw in open carry in Texas too, if you want….

— Jimmy the Carpenter (@diggerjimmy) September 20, 2015

Then this:

@HarryStopes I don’t know. Possibly wanted to be arrested? Police played into his hands? Anyway, now invited to White House, crowdfunded etc

— Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) <a target="_blank" —> Read More