Ridiculous Ad For $20,000 Hoverboard Is A Perfect End To A Ridiculous Year

When I watch the promo for this new hoverboard prototype called the ArcaBoard, I feel like I’ve just walked in on the introductory conditioning video for some new-age cult. It has that feel.

The Arca Space Corporation has taken an admirable first step into hoverboards-that-actually-hover territory. But their promo department seems to be still in the R&D stages as well.

Let’s look at the transcript:

Freedom. It is our greatest desire. It is what we all aspire to. All our efforts. All our dreams. All our ambitions. Can we truly be free? Can we feel it? Freedom. Now we can.

… What? Also, all your dreams? Eek. That’s like, “Hey guys, I just poured all my hopes and dreams into Pets.com.”

We created a vehicle, a tool, that will grant you total freedom. Freedom of movement, of travel, wherever you want, whenever you want. An extension of your will, of your creativity, of your desire to be free.

Yes, with this vehicle, $20,000 will be magically transported from you, the tool, to them. Creatively.

You know it’s bad when the drone camera you’re filming your hoverboard with completely outshines your hoverboard…

Inside this beautifully crafted airframe we poured all our hopes, all our dreams, all the roads that we traveled, all the hardships that we faced, all this to bring you freedom.

Again, all your hopes/dreams? “Everyone, I’ve got a good feeling about Microsoft Zune — pour all your hopes and dreams into this.”

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