Russia’s River Villages: Hitchhiking the Great Lena

After our interlude in Zhigansk, we made plans (such that we could) to travel down the extraordinary Lena River. Reminders that we weren’t back home on the Yukon were subtle. In fact, we found our experiences on the Lena to be so similar to those on the Yukon that when we’d suddenly see signs or documents written in Russian or indigenous languages, we’d be momentarily taken aback. The landscapes and terrain of Alaska and Russia are often indistinguishable, as well. Of course, the two regions were conjoined twins that are now separated, so the similarities should not have surprised us, but they did anyway… repeatedly.

However, there is one major difference between the Yukon and the Lena. That difference is size. The Lena actually makes the Yukon look like a stream in many places, so naturally, the ships we saw on the Lena were huge compared to the barges and ferries we’re used to seeing at home.

Surprisingly, the smaller, privately owned boats, though very capable, are also very compact. They are similar in popularity to the UAZ-452 vans. It’s the one type of small boat that is widely used. This meant that the four of us and our gear would need —> Read More Here


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