Scarily Plausible Doomsday Scenarios For Dystopian Fans

The following is an excerpt from Are You Sh*tting Me?: 1,004 Facts That Will Scare the Crap Out of You:

There’s no nice way to say it: we’re screwed. One way or another, we’ll all be obliterated someday, and that day is sooner than you think. You know that TV show called “1000 Ways to Die”? That’s how I felt when I was researching this chapter. We are screwed ten times over and ten more times after that. If a supervolcano doesn’t get us, an asteroid will. If the asteroid doesn’t get us, a comet will. If a comet doesn’t wipe us out, it will be a global pandemic or a gamma-ray burst or a black hole or a nuclear holocaust, or even our own sun.

The good news is that whatever happens will probably be quick. That, and we won’t have to hear about Miley Cyrus anymore.

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