Science: Less Flash, More Substance

Two years ago, I bought a pretty nice used car. Done with the tried and true workhorse type of car, I thought it was time to enjoy my ride, and I found a beautiful (and pricey) car. Leather heated seats, a GPS system that pops out of the dashboard when I need it, Bose surround sound speakers. This car looks amazing and feels amazing. I feel great driving it down the road and showing it off to friends, family and neighbors. Sure, I maxed the budget to buy this thing, but it’s a sweet ride.

Now what does this have to do with science?

In today’s fiscal environment, in which every dollar spent is politicized and scrutinized, our political leaders seem to subscribe to the same “flash is better than substance” mentality that I had when I purchased my car. Today, translational science is the leather seats and the GPS system of the innovation pipeline. While programs to generate new treatments and cures gets headlines, bipartisan Congressional policies and presidential announcements, the initial scientific discoveries that make these treatments and cures possible — the tires, the airbags, the suspension, so to speak — are getting the scrutiny and budget cuts.

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