Science: The Story of Me

My journey to self-discovery mirrors the art of science itself — full of curiosity, challenge, exploration, and awareness to reach a conclusion. Growing to accept my own identity has been a journey somehow inexplicably linked to embracing science.

I have always been one to test everything out. As a young girl, I found a strange comfort in the study of science — this method of taking the vast, infinite unknown and decoding these mysteries into something clear and understood. Science provides the clarity to understand and fully perceive the world we live in. By eliminating a plethora of possibilities with truth, it gives one the power to transform the abstract into something tangible, definite.

Creativity and imagination are essential when it comes to successful application of the scientific method. I was raised to ask the “why” and the “how.” The lives and works of Marie Curie, Clara Barton, and Sally Ride became my companions. As my mother gifted me with biographies of strong female pioneers, she also gave me the gift of dreaming. She explained that “your future and your impact on the world is as big as you let yourself dream.” These biographies would go to show me just how far a dream could go. By volunteering in Turkey and Thailand, I saw the need first-hand for better distribution of resources in developing countries. In Thailand, there was an entire population of tribal natives, that were unaccounted for and ignored. In Turkey, women were still very much second class citizens, unable to directly interact or communicate effectively without a man. I wanted to fix things, but I was never quite sure how.

Although the validity that follows science has always been a comfort for me, for so long I tried to reject this. It was an interesting dynamic between —> Read More