Scientists Chart Course For Computers That Send Info At Speed Of Light

When you search for something on Google, the query travels the Internet at a rate of hundreds of millions of miles per hour — a speed close to the speed of light. But the computer you searched on can’t work that fast, so the information actually has to slow down when it reaches your machine.

But one day, that could change. New research out of England has provided a blueprint for creating computers that can transfer information within a computer at the speed of light. Of course, transferring the information is just one part of the puzzle, as project lead Dr. Richard Curry of the University of Surrey told The Huffington Post.

“The aim would be to send data around the computer using light,” Curry said through a spokesperson via email. “The challenge would then be to be able to process that data at a similar rate.”

A visualization of electrical transistors within a microprocessor. While it may look cool, this “slow” process of transferring electrical signals is what researchers hope to replace. (Source: Global Foundries)

The research by Curry’s team — from the University of Surrey, University of Cambridge and University of Southampton — ideally solves —> Read More Here


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