Scientists Find Spooky Link Between Solar Activity & Life Span

The sun sustains life on Earth, and maybe that’s not all it does. Provocative new research by scientists in Norway suggests there may be a link between solar activity at the time of your birth and how long you’re likely to live.

Specifically, the scientists found that the life spans of people born during a so-called “solar maximum” period–when the sun displays the greatest number of sunspots and solar flares in any given solar cycle–are about five years shorter than those of people born in a solar minimum period, when the sun is less active.

For their research, scientists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim looked at the age of death of individuals born in Norway between 1676 and 1878 and compared the data to solar activity data. In addition to showing that individuals born during a solar max tended to die younger, the comparison showed that fertility was reduced in certain women born in years with high solar activity.

“We were surprised of the effect on lifetime number of offspring, although only detectable in the low-[economic] status women group,” study co-author Dr. Frode Fossøy, a researcher at the university, told The Huffington Post in —> Read More Here


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