Scientists Share Weirdly Wondrous Animals In Twitter #CuteOff

Major props to these scientists for introducing us to a whole new world of wonderfully wacky animals.

People in the science community took to Twitter, this week to participate in the most adorable social media battle known to mankind — the #CuteOff. Scientists — being scientists — went off the beaten path and shared photos of some uniquely awesome animals that may not necessarily come to mind when you think of “cute.”

This #CuteOff needs moar inverts: The #SQUEEE is strong in this freshly-hatched little #cuttlefish, Sepiola atlantica

— Carina M. Gsottbauer (@CarinaDSLR) August 31, 2015

They posted pictures of cool critters like a baby cuttlefish, and a Lowland streaked tenrec (trust us, it’s adorbz.)

Lucky for us, the #CuteOff got pretty heated and now we have so many more animals to gush over.

Lowland streaked tenrec: “Think I’m bluffing? Try me. Just try me!” #CuteOff

— Asia Murphy (@am_anatiala) September 1, 2015

Check out some awesome animals from the #CuteOff below.

I interrupt your important grant writing session to win the #CuteOff. #TeamHerpetology

— Katy Greenwald (@amphibs) September 1, 2015

So it’s a #CuteOff, then? Just try to top Africa’s “Teddy Bear Ant”. #TeamEntomology

— Alex Wild (@Myrmecos) August 31, 2015

Whaaat?! A #CuteOff ?! Bombards twittersphere with orphan #chimp baby Toto pics

— Jill Pruetz (@jillpruetz) September 1, 2015