Scientists Show Immune System for Some With Autism Triggered by Gluten and Casein

My previous blog post describes the mechanism of action of gluten and how lessons learned from a failed cholera vaccine are tremendously helping those with autism (and over 50 million other Americans). So let me explain the current science that concludes gluten and casein are a trigger of autism, for some.

If you have a child with autism, eventually you will hear from a doctor that something is wrong with their immune system. Either your child is sick all the time or never sick at all. But eventually a doctor will order lab tests to see how your child’s immune system is functioning. Whether they are testing for specific food allergy/sensitivities, inflammation, or specific antibodies… it is all related to the immune system.

There is a great research article called “Antibodies against Food Antigens in Patients with Autistic Spectrum Disorders” that was published in 2013 and can really help parents understand if they should try the gluten-free casein-free (GF/CF) diet. The researchers wanted to see if there was an increase in immune system activity to gluten and casein proteins in a group of children with autism who ate either an unrestricted diet or GF/CF diet. I will explain the highlights of that research…

Oh goodness… the gut again

Intestinal permeability is a HUGELY debated topic right now in both mainstream media and the scientific literature. There have been studies trying to understand if there is increased intestinal permeability in those with autism but the results have been mixed. Any parent of a child with autism is not surprised by, this because we know from experience that autism is largely different for each person. However, there are published results that show improvement in <a target="_blank" —> Read More