‘Sea Monster’ Photographed In Waters Off Greece

A Scottish tourist visiting Greece snapped an image of a mysterious creature in the water that some are calling a “sea monster.”

The image captured by Harvey Robertson shows what looks like a cross between a hippopotamus and a dolphin:

Cryptid Sea Monster photographed off coast of Corfu near Greece – https://t.co/flp222lX7I pic.twitter.com/3PL2XURWst

— Cryptosightings (@CryptoSightings) October 28, 2015

Robertson told Fox News that he was on a cruise ship touring the caves off the coast of Parga when he stuck his iPhone out over the water and snapped the image without looking.

“I didn’t actually see the animal at the time as was trying to capture the water color (fluorescent blue) at the point before becoming black,” Robertson told the website. “You can only imagine my surprise when I was looking back through my photos.”

The website said some people believe the creature may be a Cuvier’s beaked whale, such as this one:

RT @dianen56: Great photo of rarely seen Cuvier’s beaked whale. (Pic: Robin Baird). #whales pic.twitter.com/kCdCH4zwgy RT @Seasaver

— Whale Watch WestCork (@whalewatchcork) September 8, 2013

However, the creature in Robertson’s photo has a much more dramatic hippo-like snout.

It’s possible the angle or the water is causing some distortion in the image. Since there is nothing to provide perspective, it’s hard to tell how large — or small — the “creature” may be.

And there’s always the possibility the photo is a fake.

“If the photograph is not a hoax, it could be interesting, cryptozoologically speaking,” Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, said. “It might be photographic evidence of a new species or it could be a reconfiguration (a behavioral restructuring —> Read More