Search for the Giant Chinese Swamp Cypress: Meet the Tree Team

Photo courtesy of Gretchen Coffman.

For this National Geographic-sponsored expedition to save the Critically Endangered Chinese swamp cypress (Glyptostrobus pensilis), we have brought together a dynamic group of people from the U.S., Scotland, and Laos. Let me introduce you to our team.

Team Cypress. Back row, from left: Somphan Khanxaiyavong, Philip Thomas. Done Suvandy, David McGuire; Front row, from left: “Bee” Kittisack Phoutthavong, Dr. Gretchen Coffman, Ohouthone Xyavhongsa, Rob Timmins, Soukhatha Vanalath, Sisouphab Sichanthongthip, Robin Hunter (Photo courtesy of Gretchen Coffman).

We broke up into three groups to conduct surveys in promising watersheds of the Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area in the Annamite Mountain range in central Laos to locate previously undocumented populations of this beautiful, useful, and endangered tree.

The Reconnaissance Team

When we get to a new area, Rob Timmins, the man behind the binoculars, starts us out by going with Sisouphab from the local Watershed Management Protection Agency (WMPA), and two foresters, Veo and Phat, from the Lao central government Department of Forest Resource Management, to get more information from people living in the small, remote villages. These are our first scouts for new stands of cypress in the National Protected Area.

Rob Timmins scouts birds and other wildlife in a cypress —> Read More Here


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