Searching for Meaning in Search Terms

Close-up view of some search keywords from “We Are Searching For”. Photo by Mimi Onuoha

uk zip code. octet truss. ameliorating. look mum no hands. tumblr br not working. time in edmonton.

These are some of the words that I have entered into my browser as search terms since having moved to London. There’s a story behind every phrase, and I remember each one perfectly. I searched “time in edmonton” while trying to schedule a time to talk with fellow Nat-Geo Fulbrighter Ann Chen; “look mum no hands” is the name of a coffee/bike shop here in London that I used to visit. “Ameliorating” is a word that I always forget the definition of, the line break tag in Tumblr really doesn’t ever work, and zip codes in the UK are much different than zip codes in the States. With me to provide context, each search term becomes a self-contained and easy-to-understand story in itself.

But if I weren’t around to explain, the combinations of those words would seem much more nonsensical. If I had provided even more of my unfiltered search keywords, the results would read as an absurd cacophony of randomness, a gathering of lots of whats with —> Read More Here


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