Selfie-Crazed Beachgoers Kill Rare Dolphin

A mob of beachgoers desperate to take photos with two small dolphins killed at least one of the animals on a beach in Buenos Aires last week.

“This is more than upsetting,” Lori Marino, executive director of The Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy, told The Huffington Post in an email. “It is an indictment of how our species treats other animals — as objects for our benefit, as props, as things with value only in relation to us. This is a terribly painful story but it goes on, writ large, every day all over the world.”

Marino identified the dolphin seen being passed around in now-infamous images as an infant. Disturbing footage reportedly from the same incident shows someone pulling a dolphin out of the water and placing it on land as people crowd around.

The Foundation Vida Silvestre, a group that represents the World Wildlife Fund in Argentina, said in a statement that two dolphins were pulled from the water, and confirmed that at least one of the animals died. It identified the creatures as Franciscana dolphins — also known as La Plata dolphins.

Hernan Coria, who posted images of the situation to his Facebook account, called the incident a “shame” and said he did not believe the dolphins were alive. Despite his clear disapproval, Coria is receiving an onslaught of online hate over the photos — probably from people who did not read his caption.

Since dolphins are mammals — and therefore breathe air — some people may be under the mistaken impression that they can survive when held out of the water. This is not the case.

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