Short Film Showcase: ‘80s America Was Epic From Above

Ken 1980

Harrison Sanborn turns back the clock in Above America, which presents sweeping aerial views of iconic U.S. features. Sanborn remastered footage shot by his father from a helicopter in the 1980s, and even the Twin Towers make a poignant appearance in this cinematic throwback. I asked Sanborn more about his film.

How did you come across your father’s footage initially?

I had more or less grown up seeing bits and pieces of the footage, which was part of his personal project entitled “America by Air.” I had always thought it was neat but, dubbed down several generations from the original, standard-definition one-inch tape, it had very little clarity. It was only recently that I discovered my Dad still had the original negative, and my interest in the material was totally reinvigorated.

Did you ever get the story behind why he chose to film those locations?

My Dad, along with his business partner and helicopter pilot, had done many aerial shoots all over the country but never had time to film the locations in the way they would have liked. When ferrying a helicopter back to the East Coast from California, they seized the opportunity and shot every beautiful location they could. He —> Read More Here


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