Short Film Showcase: Amazing Slo-Mo: Rare Tiger Released Into Wild

Two filmmakers from the International Fund for Animal Welfare race against the clock to capture high-speed footage of a Siberian tiger being released into the wild. In the past, conventional cameras captured only a fleeting glimpse of a tiger as it left its enclosure to return to the wild. But the IFAW hopes high-speed, high-definition videos of these events will inspire people to help with tiger conservation. I spoke with Michael Booth, one of the filmmakers, about his piece How to Catch a Tiger.

Where did you come up with the idea for your documentary?

Siberian (aka Amur) tigers have been in trouble for many years. Their numbers are now down to around 350-450 in the wild, so groups like the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) have been working with partner groups in the Russian Far East to tackle the illegal wildlife trade and rehabilitate orphaned tigers for release back into the wild.

Tiger releases had been filmed in the past, but all we could see was a split second of a blurry tiger crossing the screen—hardly imagery that would inspire people to help with tiger conservation. When we heard that another tiger (Zolushka) was going to be released, our goal was —> Read More Here


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