Short Film Showcase Q&A: Animation Explores the Beautiful Circles of Our World

Travel from underwater to outer space in this incredible animation from production company Chromosphere. Watch forms found in the natural and scientific world emerge from the basic geometric elements of a circle. Chromosphere’s creative director Kevin Dart talks about what went into animating this stunning short.

What inspired the piece?

We wanted to create something that would be inspiring and beautiful and educational for young people [who have] an interest in science and the natural world. The tone is inspired by vintage educational science films and textbooks. The circle in the center of every scene is a graphic element meant to represent the way science and nature are directly related to each other. The visual style is inspired by mid-century designers like Charley Harper and Paul Rand and also the films of Charles and Ray Eames and Stanley Kubrick.

How long did it take to make and how many people were involved?

The idea for the film took nearly a year to develop and research. The actual animation production began in October 2015 and finished in February 2016.

The team was four people: Kevin Dart designed and art-directed it, Stéphane Coëdel did animation and compositing, Nelson Boles did the character animation for most of the insects and animals, and David Kamp did the music and sound design.

Can you tell me a bit more about the processstoryboarding, animating, etc.?

Once we developed the idea for using the circle in every composition, Kevin did lots of research and doodling to come up with images that would fit with the concept. The goal was to represent the vast diversity of our world, so we looked for lots of contrasting topics like big and small, close and far away, mechanical and natural, etc. After doing a lot of sketches, Kevin narrowed down the best images and created a —> Read More