Short Film Showcase: Rare Look Inside North Korea’s Capital City

Explore the North Korean capital of Pyongyang in this intriguing time-lapse of a city rarely seen by foreigners. Escorted by British-based company Koryo Tours, filmmakers Rob Whitworth and JT Singh offer up typical scenes of daily life in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Although certain limits were placed on what they could film, this short provides glimpses of insider moments, including riding the subway, circling historic monuments, and visiting a local skate park. I spoke with filmmaker Rob Whitworth a bit more about the film and his trip to North Korea.

How were you able to gain access to Pyongyang?

The majority of the sites featured in the video form part of a standard city tour organized by Koryo Tours, who organised the project. However, to make the video we required access to certain locations multiple times, at odd hours of the day, and for extended periods of time. I would imagine this might seem very strange to people unfamiliar with the shooting process. Koryo Tours’ experience working with KITC (the DPRK tourism board) made it possible.

What surprised you most about being in North Korea?

Surprised isn’t really the right word. I would say I was beguiled—everything is —> Read More Here


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