Short Film Showcase: Sharks at Night, Incredible Underwater Footage

This short from Steer Films profiles Joe Romeiro, a wildlife filmmaker who is passionate about shark conservation. “These animals need to be protected, and we need to evolve in the way we see them,” he says. Experience swimming with these mesmerizing creatures at night, and let “the fear turn into fascination” with this remarkable footage captured by Romeiro and dive partner Bill Fisher of 333 Productions. I spoke with team lead at Steer Films, Carlos Toro and 333 Productions about the making of The Edge.

How did you first meet Joe Romeiro and Bill Fisher?

Carlos Toro/Steer Films: I recently completed a diver certification course at East Bay dive center in Warren, Rhode Island. As team lead at Steer Films/Steer Digital Media, I had an interest in both expanding our services to our partners through underwater videography and also adding another useful skill set that we could bring along on our team travels.

Our instructor, Joseph Winston, mentioned that Joe Romeiro, an award-winning wildlife cinematographer and local Rhode Islander, had carved his own path in this space and that I should reach out to him. I did reach out, and in turn he found our film work to be exciting, so a natural collaboration was born out of this.

What attracted you to this story of conservation of sharks?

CT/SF: Joe Romeiro is a great vehicle through which to learn about shark conservation because he can’t put a cap on his passion. It sits on his skin. As someone who is concerned with, in general, how we impact the world around us, I’ve come across many conservation initiatives and they all have their merit, but it can all become very disorienting figuring out what to single out, embrace, and bring our talents to bear on. But —> Read More