Simple Tricks To Make You A Better Runner That Have Nothing To Do With Running

Running is a mental sport. At times, negative thoughts can get in the way of a potentially great day on the trails and make it a mediocre one. You think, “I’m never going to get faster,” “I’m a horrible runner” or “I’m way too tired for this,” and suddenly every second of placing one foot in front of the other becomes excruciating.

It happens to all of us. But there are some mental magic tricks that can help you take control of your thoughts, and manipulate them to actually improve your running. Yep, with your brain alone, you can become a better, faster, stronger runner. And best of all, you’ve got all the resources right inside your head — no new equipment required. Try a few of these quirky strategies below and prepare to experience your best run yet.

Focus on the finish line.
A new study from New York University showed that a little thought-tweaking could help athletes get to their destination more quickly. In the study, when walkers, instead of thinking about their surroundings, focused on the finish line, they were faster and perceived their distance as shorter. This mental trick is —> Read More Here


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