Slow Mo Guys Tame A Fire Tornado In Mesmerizing New Video

If there’s anything scarier than a regular tornado, it’s a fire t0rnado — also known as a “firenado” or a “fire devil.”

The Slow Mo Guys managed to summon one of these devils with the help of a dozen fans, and keep it under control so that it could be filmed at 2,500 frames per second (fps) and 1,000 fps with their Phantom Flex and Phantom Flex 4K cameras.

The result? Not just an ultra-HD video of a firenado… but an ultra-HD video of a firenado in stunning slow motion:

“I think from now on all flames should be spinning,” declared Gavin Free, one of the Slow Mo Guys.

“It looked so good I just wanted to eat it,” agreed Daniel Gruchy.

Check it out in the clip above.

(h/t Digg)

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