So You Want to be Successful on Instagram? Part II

Pilar on the New York Times by Kike Calvo

This post is the second in the “So You Want to be Successful on Instagram?” series, which explores Instagram as the ultimate visual platform. Kike Calvo is a National Geographic Creative photographer whose travels you can follow on Instagram.

After gaining over 300 million users in around three years, Instagram has become the undisputable social network for visual people. It places photo sharing and video sharing at your fingertips, no matter where you are in the world. High visibility on Instagram is becoming a coveted commodity among artists who are already mastering the platform as a mean to build a following for their work. However, many are just discovering this app. They are asking themselves a variety of questions: how do you get more Instagram followers? What is the secret behind accounts with thousands of followers? How do you find your niche as a visual provider in a network with more than 20 billion images and counting?

Read rules 1-4 in Part I


  1. Cross market using your other platforms: By using other platforms you can drive traffic to your Instagram account. It is important to remember too, that you can set your account so you will be able to save time and automatically share your content on Facebook, Twitter or any another social media outlets you may use. “We share many of our Instagram photos on other platforms, especially on Facebook — that’s a richer user experience, I think,” says social photo editor for @nytimes Kerri MacDonald. “Sometimes I’ll post photos directly from our photographers’ feeds to Facebook and encourage people to follow them to see more from a story. There is so much that can be done, and I think it’s wise —> Read More