Spock’s Enduring Legacy for Earth Governance

As the world mourns the passing of Leonard Nimoy, the role he most memorably represented and the marvelous mythology he helped to create will remain timeless. As an environmental planner interested in better ways of governing natural resources, Star Trek‘s fabled future and specially Spock’s role provides me surprising inspiration.

The creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, suggested that in the distant future humanity will be able to have adequate governance structures that transcend financial and political constraints. A Star Trek future for Earth would be essentially devoid of scarcity, and our most prized medium of exchange, money, would be entirely absent from planetary life.[i] The only fictional civilization to use money in Star Trek are the primitive Ferengis who are universally despised for their lack of material ethics. Whether or not such a universe will remain a figment of fiction remains to be seen in the very distant future. However, what we clearly need to do in this moment in our temporal continuum is to seek paths of channelizing our quest for material gain more constructively and find better ways of sharing our collective treasures.

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