Spreading Pseudoscience: 5 Reasons Why Some Liberals Are as Bad as Conservatives


With the recent measles outbreak in Disneyland being linked to largely unvaccinated districts in Southern California, it is apparent that we are in the midst of a time when misinformation is running rampant. Although anti-science sentiment has historically been found in highly religious and deeply conservative rural areas, these anti-vaxxers reside predominantly in affluent liberal communities like Marin County.

Additionally (and disappointingly), similar anti-science rhetoric is coming from prominent left-wing figures like liberal talk show host Bill Maher. As a liberal myself — and especially as a scientist — I find the present situation to be particularly disturbing.

There is indeed a real problem, but problems have solutions. And the first step to solving problems is to identify and understand them. With that in mind, below is a list of five reasons why some liberals are just as bad, or at least almost, as creationism-believing conservatives when it comes to spreading pseudoscience.

1. Homeopathy

Walk into a Whole Foods grocery store — which can be found in just about any over-privileged, predominantly white neighborhood — and you’re bound to find two things: overenthusiastic liberal extremists and homeopathic remedies for everything from the flu —> Read More Here


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